August 22, 2010

Beauty Minute: Goody Spin Pin

I'm always looking for ways to tame my hair and to do it faster.  And Goody's Spin Pin delivers on that promise.
It looks like a corkscrew that will would make a tangled mess of your do, but don't write it off too fast.  Two spin pins will take medium to long lengths of hair and spin them into a styled bun without even so much as a hair band to help support it.  And it's a strong hold too.  Just watch this quick clip.

The Goody's Spin Pin 2 pack set is being sold as a trio right now with 2 other Goody hair accessories for $14.99 + s/h.  But Amazon has them on their own starting at $5.49.



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Janet said...

These work fantastically. Last week when I tried my friend's spinny things I was doubtful they'd hold my thick hair. Well, it held my bun up depite my shaking my brain to and fro.
convenience and quickness all wrapped up in a sturdy spring looking thing. I'm a believer, and have been looking all over local CVS-es for these! Thanks for posting the link, Kelly! I love your contains great tips! :D xo

Kelly said...

Thanks so much for reading Janet! Yeah, I've heard nothing but rave reviews on these. My local CVS was sold out, but they're also supposed to be found at Walgreens and Target.

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