August 16, 2010

Earn $$$ with YouData

I think I've sorta fallen in love with YouData

The general concept is that you view ads and then get paid for it - and it's not "paid" in the convoluted way that some sites think of it, such as payment only when you've accrued some unattainably high amount, or only after jumping through a bazillion hoops that you made you give up half way into it.  It pays you in the real sense, like as in every Friday directly to your PayPal account regardless of amount accruedIt's real, easy cash.

I signed up about 8 minutes ago, filled in as much of my profile as I wanted to (no address or name required), validated my account, and then I was off earning cash.  In let's say, 1 minute 15 seconds, I earned $1.26.  Small potatoes now, but I haven't yet had a job that paid me its hourly equivalent of $70/hr.   I'm out of ads for the time being, but I'll log in later and see what's available then.  And then I'll give an update and tell you if I'm still head over heels with what seems to be a very easy money maker.

More to come!

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