August 24, 2010

How I Got $51 Off Running Shoes

I've taken up running and I'm starting to appreciate everything about it.  Well everything except the price tags on decent running shoes.  I'm a saver and a deal hunter.  And yes it pains me to drop what feels like a college tuition on a new pair of running shoes, but it's critical for your joints to run in good shoes.  So every 3 to 4 months, I ante up for a new pair of running shoes. 

This model is my favorite.  It's pink.  It's gel filled.  It fits my foot like a glove and makes me feel like my shoes have wings.  

And how much does this much euphoria cost me at retail? $139.99 - before tax, before shipping.  Ugh.

However, today we celebrate everything about this new pastime of mine, including the cost because with this deal, I got them for $91 - taxed and shipped.  Here's how you can too on just about any style that makes your tootsies feel like they have wings too.
  1. Login to Shopathome and get 11% off right off the bat
  2. Search for at Shopathome
  3. Find your perfect pair of shoes (mine were on sale) and put them in your shopping cart.
  4. Add the VIP membership to your cart for $1.99 as an introductory price for the first year. (This takes 10% off your total and will ship this and all future orders for the next year for free).
  5. Put a note your calendar for 1 year from today or sooner to log back into and cancel your VIP memembership unless you want to renew at the full price next year - which is projected to be a $24.99 charge. (The VIP membership could save you money in the long run if you buy shoes often enough). And don't feel dishonest about this - Road Runner plainly states on the site that you can do this.
  6. Enjoy your shoe purchase when it arrives 5 to 7 days later and at much, much less than brutal retail.
Not using Shopathome yet?  Why the heck not?  Here's some reasons to get you off the fence.

Also, for a limited time, is offering a tiered discount plus free shipping when you shop through this link. (Cannot be combined with the Shopathome discount).
$10 off $115
$15 off $125 
or $25 off $150 order 

My purchase didn't qualify for this because it was already on sale below the lowest threshold, but this might work for you.  So figure out what gets you the best bang for your buck and then go running!

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