October 13, 2010

New Photos of a Classic Piece: Gold Tiny Signature Circle Necklace

I love crossing things off my to-do list, even if that list is a mile long and only exists in my head. This week I checked a big item off: re-photographing the Gold Tiny Signature Circle Necklace.  During my first time around with this necklace, I was a wee bit obsessed with those super crisp, white backgrounds in professional jewelry photography.   For a novice photographer (who doesn't want to bother setting up a light tent), they're almost impossible to achieve unless you want to devote hours to the highly tedious task of editing out less than pristine white backdrops by hand - which I used to do however is completely out of the question now.   Here is the first round of photos.

Let's critique the obvious.  They're small, the quality is grainy, the color looks flat and dead.  Ugh. I could go on and on.  And it's such a shame because this is a beautiful necklace.  It's whisper light and elegant, and the combination of shapes and lines beautifully accentuates these qualities.  And because of these awful photos, it never sells.  Except for last week when an Etsy customer saw something captivating beneath that photo quality disaster and took, from their perspective, a risk and clicked "Buy".  Making the necklace again gave me new impetus to do it justice.  And here's the result.

You can see that I'm definitely over the pure white background.  Ah, who knows.  Maybe I'll jump back in there one day and edit it out because I love how it makes golds and silvers pop.  But gray isn't bad either and if Saks uses it, who am I to thumb my nose at that?

One more, this time with a gradient and shadow.  I can't help getting a little fancy here and there.

This necklace retails for just $26 and is available for sale with many other eye-pleasing jewelry pieces at the Daffodil Boutique. Thanks for taking a moment to check out my shop.

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