October 4, 2010

Real Vanilla Infused Coffee Grounds

It's National Coffee Day! Let's celebrate with a recipe for a great cup of vanilla-infused coffee.

Doesn't it seem an awful waste to toss that vanilla bean pod in the garbage or compost after you've scraped away the fragrant seed paste?  Especially when you consider that that slim bean cost $7 on average, tossing the rest of that rind still pungent with vanilla seems incredibly wasteful.  

Well waste no more.  Those empty pods can turn regular coffee beans into a subtly vanilla scented cuppa joe. And it's delightfully easy.  

Just take your empty vanilla pods (dried if they were steeping in liquid before) and grind with whole coffee beans to produce the grounds.  A ratio of 1 empty pod to 1 cup of whole coffee beans will produce a mildly vanilla scented batch of coffee grounds.


My coffee of choice is french press, and I crudely grind my beans using a cuisinart.  Coffee sacrilege? Perhaps. But the french press works best with a coarser grind, so I don't mind the uneven chopping that a few whirls in the cuisinart gives my final grounds. 

Then for some simple coffee math. 


plus this

equals this

Ah, pure coffee delight. Now your turn.

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