November 2, 2011

Organizational Bliss Series Kickoff

Your days are numbered, messy pantry.

A few months back, I opened the cabinet door underneath our bathroom sink and grimaced.  It was a not-so-stacked mess of hair products tumbling over one another, styling tools with cords twisting around each other like a pile of snakes, and q-tips and cotton balls spilling out of their packages, and more. So much more.  Right then, I set my jaw and decided enough was enough. I didn't know it then, but I was diving head first into what has now become a bit of an obsession.  I became determined to find Organizational Bliss.   It's a term that aptly defines the euphoric feeling I get when a cluttered, dysfunctional space is turned into a lean, mean, functioning zone. And I want you to enjoy it too. I want to invite you to my house and not feel ashamed for what lurks behind my kitchen cabinet doors.  More basic than that, I want you to come to my house and not fear for your life because some heap might finally give way from a disorganized shelf and attack you if you were to open said cabinet doors.  It's more than just the kitchen.  It's the whole darn house.  The whole shebang is getting an overhaul one organizational challenge at a time.  And I'm doing it on budget which means DIY, DIY, DIY.  The tutorials will naturally follow. So tag along on my Organizational Bliss series and be inspired too.  It's craziness to live in fear for what's hiding in the cabinets.  It could be a lawsuit too. 

A girl can dream, right?

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